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Minimum Wage Offensive Could Mean More Technology In Restaurants

A ballot initiative to raise minimum wage in restaurants to $15/hour – more than double the current federal minimum wage – could mean restaurants will be turning to technology to save on labor costs.


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Macy’s Testing Digital Fitting Rooms

We’re not sure if this is the future, but check out what Macy’s is doing to add to the dressing room experience…

A former Amazon exec’s startup is running a test in a Manhattan Beach, CA Macy’s that mashes up digital screens, mobile and some old-school warehouse ideas to rethink the shopping experience.

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What EMV Credit Card Technology Could Mean for your Fraud Liability

EMV chip technology is becoming the global standard for credit card and debit card payments. In case you were unaware, a liability shift will take effect on October 1, 2015 regarding EMV card transactions:


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The Benefits of Beacon Technology

Beacon technology is an upcoming trend in the retail industry. Beacons are a device that allows mobile apps to know a customer’s location, which gives retailers the option to push content to them while in their stores.

So, what are some benefits of beacon technology?



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10 Technologies to Improve Your Business

Technology can completely change the environment of a restaurant. Improved customer experiences, increased sales, and lowered time expenditures are just some of the benefits to these additions.

We summed up the numerous technologies you’ll find inside today’s restaurants and how they can make business better.

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Eight key stats advancing digital signage

Digital signage is improving the retail and restaurant world in terms of sales and customer experience, which is leading to more and more companies implementing it into their marketing strategies. Below are eight statistics that we believe are essential to why the digital signage industry is on the upswing.

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